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• Positioning isn’t all that useful in bear markets. In fact, it’s directional.
• Bad news / good price is a short-term phenomenon that has probably now played out.
• Quiet, choppy consolidation to start the week, but I think you still sell rallies in stocks.

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Talking about the widening gap between nominal and real and why it’s important to keep in mind that some government data is real (GDP) and much is not (Retail Sales).

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AM/FX: Riffing on risk

A guest appearance today from @Michigandolf. He talks about the third dimension of risk management: Time. High quality post, especially relevant for active traders.

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AM/FX: De, stag, in, re

A look at some USD bearish dashboard indicators plus why USDJPY is a bad short. Are we in stagflation or reflation? Bitcoin!

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Talking about the brain science around the default mode network (DMN).

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