2024 Trader Handbook and Almanac

Plan better, trade smarter, and make more money with the 2024 Spectra Markets Trader Handbook and Almanac.

Use seasonality alerts, monthly reviews and previews, and the weekly planner to trade at your highest level.



Full Description

Plan and prepare. Trade smart. Make money.

The 2024 Spectra Markets Trader Handbook and Almanac

A diary of timely reminders and useful advice for professional traders.

For any serious trader, solid process is a critical part of the gig: preparation, thoughtful planning, journaling, and information gathering are all part of this process. Use The Spectra Markets Trader Handbook and Almanac as a day timer and as your guide to seasonal patterns and key economic events throughout the year.

Researched and compiled by FX veteran Brent Donnelly, The Spectra Markets Trader Handbook and Almanac is your desktop companion all year long. Leave it open at your work station; take notes, plan trades, and keep up with stand-out market insights on every page. Each page is loaded with relevant historical data and market events you need to know about in advance.

Extensive research has gone into providing useful data throughout the year. We did the work, so you don’t have to. The Handbook provides seasonality charts for 26 different major markets and highlights important seasonal turns before they happen. Take advantage of recurring seasonal patterns and persistent time-of-month effects to increase your winning percentage.

The Handbook also offers simple but vital trading advice and inspiration and sets you up for success with monthly planning guides. It helps you plan ahead but also gives you a chance to look back and evaluate your thought patterns, victories, losses, and performance.

Buy The Spectra Markets Trader Handbook and Almanac. Trade smarter and make more money in 2024.