Make the move from theory to the real world.

Spectra School gives you the tools and practical frameworks you need to understand how money, macroeconomics, and markets really work.

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Theoretical finance and textbook economics provide a basic foundation, but to truly understand and profit in global markets you must think like a market professional.


Think Like a Market Professional:

Practical Frameworks for Financial Markets

This self-paced course will equip you with a set of robust and practical frameworks that combine logic, stories, data and more to help you see markets more clearly, make better forecasts, and make more money.

The course includes:

  • 16 written lessons
  • 8 Learning from Legends videos with renowned market professionals
  • Behind the Screens videos covering specific topics
  • Live Q&A sessions with Brent Donnelly every month

What you’ll learn about:

  • History, cycles and mega trends
  • Narratives, bubbles and crashes
  • Economic data and central banks
  • Market psychology

Course fee: $1,200.

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What makes stocks go up and down?

Success in financial markets requires curiosity, flexibility, and adaptation. And it requires the ability to tell the difference between what works in theory and how things actually work in the real world. One of the greatest investors of all time tells a story that sums it all up.

When I first started out, I did very thorough papers covering every aspect of a stock or industry. Before I could make the presentation to the stock selection committee, I had to submit the paper to the research director. I particularly remember the time I gave him my paper on the banking industry. I felt very proud of my work. However, he read through it and said, “This is useless. What makes the stock go up and down?” Stan Druckenmiller

That experience taught Stan to search for the factors that were strongly correlated to a stock’s price movement rather than looking only at the fundamentals. That’s what we do at Spectra Markets and that’s what Think Like a Market Professional will show you how to do.

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