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What is USDJPY?

USDJPY is generally a US yields trade, but it’s got some weird energy these days.

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friday speedrun
Friday Speedrun

Wake me up when September ends

Low volatility is the big story, despite wacky and wonky pockets of vol here and there. Wake me up after the election (when September ends).

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10 to 15 Days

Prior 2%+ counterintuitive reactions to CPI had a 10-to-15-day half-life as they signaled exhaustion in either direction four out of four times. Also: The MOF is getting fancier.

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CPI and some results

The Nile and Vietnam are the same general shape Current Views Flat…
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Consumer Price Index

There is an asymmetry in CPI, but not in USD positioning. Intriguing.

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Game Plan for Pill

It makes sense that Huw Pill will declare mission accomplished tomorrow, and signal an August 1 cut from the Bank of England.

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