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Spectra Markets bridges the gap between academic understanding and the real world of global markets. Our expertise is rooted in decades of experience; in actual market dynamics and challenges. For both professionals and enthusiasts, we provide actionable insights and strategies—not just theory—to help you navigate global markets successfully.


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To help aspiring professionals prepare for a future in global markets and to give established traders the Spectra edge, there is Spectra School. And this school is refreshingly different—we use engaging stories, data analysis, and history to make complex topics easy to understand.

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Our sister company, Spectra FX Solutions, is where we trade currencies and foreign exchange derivatives with institutional clients like hedge funds and banks. Spectra FX Solutions advises and trades with the biggest FX players in the world.

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Meet Spectra Markets

Brent Donnelly

Brent Donnelly is President of Spectra Markets. He has been trading professionally since 1995 and is the author of several books on the subject.

Brent has been a market maker, trader, and senior manager at some of the top banks in foreign exchange including HSBC, Citi New York, and Nomura New York. He has extensive experience trading currencies, FX options, stock index futures, NASDAQ stocks, and commodities.

A respected macro thinker with the unique perspective of a senior risk taker, Brent writes am/FX, the daily macro newsletter, and Friday Speedrun.

Justin Ross

Justin Ross is the Business Manager of Spectra Markets. He is a writer, a musician, and an avid reader of business, finance, and history.
Prior to joining Spectra Markets, Justin traded equities and options.

He publishes a weekly newsletter about psychology, culture and relationships and brings his understanding of history and human bias to teach other people how to thrive in finance.

Justin is co-educator on the Spectra School curriculum, editor of content, and operates the day-to-day business of Spectra Markets.

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