Trade Tracker and Trading Framework + Checklist

Trade Tracker

Excel spreadsheet

Feel free to download this and modify it to suit your own needs.

You don’t need to track trades the same way I do – the key is to track your trades in a way that makes sense to you, and helps you trade as smart as possible.

Trade Tracker Excel version

PDF version

Download this and print out copies of it if you’d like. Make a long-term journal out of it.

Trade Tracker PDF version

Trader Framework + Checklist

I encourage you to fill one of these out each time you do a meaningful trade. If you are doing 100s of trades per day, that’s not practical but if you’re doing five or fewer trades per day, you can easily do it.

I like to print this thing out and use a pen. There is something about filling out an actual piece of physical paper that feels more serious and concrete than just clicking and scrolling around in another Excel sheet.

When you write something down, it solidifies. It transforms from abstract into concrete. All the sludge falls away and only the important information is left. When you write something down, you have made a choice to select that particular information as more relevant than the rest. This highlights it for your brain. You signal to your brain “THIS IS IMPORTANT”.

Your brain records it as such.

The pathways and connections developed in your brain are different when you write it down because the encoding process is different. The encoding is deeper, more robust, and information is recalled more easily. If you want a message to stick, write it down.

Feel free to download either of these versions, modify them to suit your needs, print them out, etc.

As always, what matters isn’t that you copy me exactly – it’s that you use whatever process makes you the best and smartest trader you can be. This is a great place to start.

Trader Framework and Checklist Excel version

Trader Framework and Checklist PDF version

good luck ⇅ be nimble

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